Thanksgiving, Umuganura

I called my sister from work to tell her  happy thanksgiving and she told me she was asleep and was dreaming eating maize, you know the multicolored maize? This one: photo-1471199855351-450fa931304c

Umuganura is a public holiday in Rwanda, observed on the first Friday in August.

Also known also as Thanksgiving Day or National harvest day, it is a celebration of the beginning of the harvest.

Let me share a bit of history

Umuganura means ‘first-fruits festival’ and can be dated back over a thousand years. It is one of the most important festivals and holidays in Rwanda.

Despite its long history, Umuganura has only been a public holiday since 2011. Its celebration was suppressed during Rwanda’s colonial period.

The focus of the traditional Umuganura was to give the harvest the blessing of the ancestors. This would happen first at a family level focused on that family’s ancestors, then the community would come together to have a wider celebration.

Nowadays, while the festival is still seen as having a focus on the harvest – giving thanks for the current year and a time to think about how to improve future harvests, it is also an opportunity for a yearly celebration of achievements from all sectors that contribute to the development of the country.

So this also marks my New year, I am three days into this new year and waah, so much can happen in a year.

My last year, 2017/2018 was a learning curve. I left my post as a student leader, I gave my self to love and laugh and I tried out new things, very many new things.

What I am thankful is cooked food. My roommates, I would come home to cooked food since January this year. The love in our house was and is amazing.

Now One of my girl’s is married. Urugo Ruhire, Mamy!

One of us lost her dad, RIP papa Vava.

But we thank God almighty.

So plans for this year.


Travel. Travel and eat and travel once more. TRAVEL. So help me God.

What are you thankful for this month?


Weights and Staying Positive

I (being humanly Josepha ) forget to stay positive. But my story and my best friends pull me out the rut. It isn’t how left behind I am. it is how far I have come. So this heavy becomes less when I give it less importance, when I fight to view my failures as a source of inspiration. Every time that I let go of what was never in my grasp, the heavy weighs less. In moments where I see situations adding to the heavy, I am strong enough to walk away swiftly. So, stay positive and manage your life circumstances while still living – the heavy won’t be so heavy. Or just cry on to Jesus and he will come through.



I heard you speaking,

Simply, less ambiguous words

And with an African old man wisdom

Twist of shellfire, sniper’s sight

And I feared, and wanted more

Then I wept

I’d wept before you spoke,

Didn’t hear a word you said

Tears of myself and life’s unforthcoming

But now dear friend of sinners!

How can this happen to a girl?

It happens yes through the choices we make

The gentlest of souls, it seems

Can be brutal to what is otherwise young, innocent and free.

And finer, purer things of flesh and blood succumb to powder blast and fractured steel

I ask myself now, how can it be

You slow, after rains, clear voice

My tearful pettiness

Blended  in some grand celestial economy

Where soggy and rust aggravate the killer’s knack

Where triumph becomes, not steel, but a soft heart?


Art by Anna Parini


Raise them up

This prayer from War Room, the 2015 movie has stirred my spirit and would like to share it with you.

 You’ve done it again, Lord, You’ve done it again. You are good, You are mighty, and You are merciful! And You keep taking care of me when I don’t deserve it, praise You, Jesus!  You are Lord!  Give me another one, Lord. Guide me to who you want me to help; raise up more that will call upon your name!  Raise up those that love you and seek you and trust you! Raise ‘em up, Lord, raise ’em up! Lord, we need a generation of believers who are not ashamed of the gospel! We need an army of believers, Lord, that hate to be lukewarm, and will stand on your Word above all else! Raise ’em up, Lord, raise ‘em up! I pray for unity among those that love You; I pray that You open their eyes so that they can see your truth, Lord! I pray for your hand of protection and guidance! Raise up a generation Lord that will take light into this world; that will not compromise when under pressure; that will not cower, Lord, when others fall away! Raise ‘em up, Lord, that they will proclaim that there is salvation in the name of Jesus Christ! Raise up Warriors, Lord, who will fight on their knees!! Who will worship You with their whole hearts, Lord!! Lord, call us to battle that we may proclaim You, King of Kings and Lord of Lords! I pray these things with all my heart! Raise ‘em up, Lord! Raise ‘em up! AMEN!


This is my prayer in these troubling times in our nations and communities.

Be blessed.


Doomed Future of Music

We are doomed musically. Save your old cassettes, CDs and the few memories that you have of old music because it is downhill from here. download

I am working for 20 marks on this topic: Is old music better than todays? Or better put does nostalgia of not paying bills, scheduled nap time, washed well-pressed clothes and family trips paid by parents, etc make us consider the music we used to listen to then more beautiful than the new.

My simple answer would have been: music of today many of the lyrics have no real depth to them anymore either. Lots of mainstream artists don’t even write their own. The music is repetitive, and the lyrics sometimes involve swearing or the typical thought that every song has to be about love. Many of the lyrics have no real depth to them anymore either. Lots of mainstream artists don’t even write their own, etc.

But that would not be worth 20 marks would it?

Music is one manifestation of the human’s incessant need to communicate with his fellows, it expresses the inner states of one individual to another or that of a group to another group. While it is being performed, performer and listener share in this expression of feelings. We usually attempt to define what we call music in terms of the way it is manifested in our own particular culture.

I have a musical friend who shocked me by saying that our generation does not have bass singers. Apparently, it is hard to find a man who can sing bass, the most he can do is the tenor.  He even goes ahead and says that the bass can be removed from the notes and no one will notice. The days spent listening to Il Divo seem more blissful.

Think about how a particular mood is enhanced when we add music. When we feel good the music can make it feel even better. When we feel bad, the music can help to pull us into another frame of mind. At times the wrong music can even make the mood worse, sadder, more morose. Sometimes the sound of it, particularly when it’s not what we want to hear, can drive us almost mad. In any case, we can all accept that it has a powerful effect on us at times.

We cannot speak about our change of music without our change of communication, if we agree that music is one way we communicate as humans, then something must have changed. Some say it is the change or the assimilation of different cultures. Today, we have forces that seem to be working toward a globalization of musical tastes. Iif we look across cultures and even looking within any one, there still exist a great diversity of forms, styles, and traditions of music. Change has always been a factor in culture, but today, with the increasing effectiveness of media and communication, the world is saturated with cultural information and it is rare to find human societies that are even relatively untouched by it. Change brought about by contact between groups is part of the process by which culture evolves, adapts and accommodates

I  am not a declinist. Neither are my friends. But very much nostalgic. Because nostalgic experiences rarely reoccur, we are motivated to savor them by prolonging the time we reminisce about them.

My conclusion to answer all this change of music will be tied to who were are as individuals. Music has not changed, our way of communication has changed, we as people have changed. We chose not to listen to the songs we used to listen to. We want to be trendy by ditching what we loved just to fit in. It won’t hurt to listen to Beyonce’s Survivor if you don’t like the new…..mmmmhhh…… what’s her latest song called? (Someone update me) it is still out there.


We are second-hand people. We have lived on what we have been told, either guided by our inclinations, our tendencies, or compelled to accept by circumstances and environment. We are the result of all kinds of influences, and there is nothing new in us, nothing that we have discovered for ourselves: nothing original, pristine, clear. Jiddu Krishnamurti

Go to: to see what we have been up to. It’s an exciting journey.

Remember, Jesus loves you no matter your situation. He truely does. Trust Him.