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Here is an article written by my friend Cyd, about a friend that inspires me.

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A year ago, as I sought training in the field of communication, life brought one Joseph Murimi Nyambura along my path and I must admit, you don’t come by many people like him on a daily basis. A man who in my opinion is not only zealous to serve but also a selfless character. Mr. Murimi is the founder of ‘Save a Life’- a community based organisation founded to make the world a better place for the forgotten in society; street children. I had a sit- down with him to get to know more on the organisation and
what they do


Give us a brief background about yourself.

I am a husband and a father of two beautiful daughters. I trained in photography and video production. I have worked in main stream media before embarking on working with the society. Currently I work at Pan Africa Christian University and the Director of Save a
life organisation.
What drove you towards this initiative?

I do believe in three things in life: serving God, family and society. A fulfilled life to me is one where I have impacted in other people’s lives as one is remembered for their deeds not by what they own.

When I was working in the mainstream media back in 2011, I met this needy child at Mathari slum who had a fracture on her arm and she needed a surgery to be fixed. She needed Ksh.200,000 which the family was unable to raise since the mother was a single parent with 2 children to look after and earning less than two dollars a day. This challenged me and I came up with the solution of fundraising for the girl and this is how I started a TV programme designed to fundraise for the sick
who cannot raise their medical bill. After producing the documentary, we managed to get money for her medical bil.l Since then, the program is still running having helped over 400 patients (

Having come from Githurai, where unemployment, school drop- out due to poverty and where drug-peddling is rampant, decided to start training the youth in the impoverished informal settlement in photography and video production. I have seen several success stories of people who took it as a career and are now videographers. Currently, we have partnered with different organisations who will train diverse courses at Githurai. Due to single parenting and the drug menace, street family is a real social issue. I also started walking with them. As ‘ Save a Life’ ,we feed the street children as we engage them in addressing issues pertaining STDs, family planning and drug abuse and offer regular check- ups. We also take those who are willing back to school.

We have also managed to take several street children back to their families. We are committed to help many realise why they were created through counselling and mentorship programmes in order to be responsible people in the society.

What are some of projects the Save a life organisation has organised?

We have feeding program and an educational program that focuses on issues family planning, drugs and sexuality which aims to bring the children in the streets together and to not only empower them but to also create awareness on issues that affect them. We are also working on a training program that aims to equip the youth with the skills that will enable them to get to change their lives for the better economically and we have partnered with renowned school like Divine School Kenya to reach more people in the society like they always say.. “Give a man a fish…”


What is the future for the Save a Life foundation?

We look forward to partnering with like- minded people and organisations to make the dream of helping those who life has robbed
them the dream of having a better life come true. They are our children and it is our obligation to ensure that we are there to hold their hands.

street bestContacts:

Cell: +254722214817
Facebook: save a life