Camellias and buddleias of life

Some plants love to be pruned, a good old pruning at that, and others would definitely rather be left alone. The likes of camellias and magnolias don’t like the idea of a prune.

Others like a good beheading, dogwoods for example, grown for it’s colourful bark, should be cut back to within 6-9cm of the ground because new shoots are much better than old ones.

Buddleias also produce it’s best colourful flowers on strong new growth. Snip, snip and snip out the weak or straggly growth completely and then cut back the other stems to within the last two pairs of buds.

Gardening is like our social life.

There was a meme on one of my friends status about : what if life is a video game that some aliens are playing. Well , if that is the case then we are a garden indeed.

In gardening , as I am coming to learn, the soil is very important and in my communication field that makes sense. The environment is very important.

But in this case I want us to see it in the sense of, the soil is you. You the person. How is your heart? How is your health? Are you allowing plants to grow enough to be pruned? Or are you a wild one? Unattended, without nutriment and the pruned has been left to the scotching sun.

Let’s examine our soil to see if we are growing as individuals. Then let’s prune if we need to. New shoots look better than the old ones.

Gardening tips :

Sculptural and architectural plants will dominate in 2019, says Joe Perkins MSDG. ” the continuing rise on popularity of houseplants is being translated from the outside with Exotic-style plants with architectural leaves and stems making bold statements. ” Joe also predicts that we will be seeing more hanging plants in our gardens. Not traditional hanging plants, but plants with foliage, colour and texture which can be used as accessories to pots and planters.

( Source :

And to learn how to grow buddleias visit this :

Let me share this picture I took of the passion fruits from my father’s garden. I can’t wait for them to be ripe ūüėč

Achieving a thick hairline

Have you ever watched the clouds form before the rain falls? It’s a sight to see especially if you live in a hilly place. I have seen the clouds of my ¬†rain forming, I ¬†can clearly see them coming from the top mountain top, its coming from my heart, praise and thanks ¬†to you lord, for all the things you have done…. Jesus did it again ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†( Sinach – he did it again, great song people, have a listen)

Moving on swiftly, have you ever seen that pic of Naomi Campbell with her weave shaken and she looks like she has had a shave, no edges whatsoever? i am talking about this pic down below, but before we say oh my God, that looks bad, lets first examine our own hairline or edges.naomi-traction-728

The hairline or edges as you may prefer is the most fragile areas of our hair, they suffer all kinds of mistreatment and manipulation. So one of the best ways to take care of it is to be very careful

If you wear your hair out when sleeping your edges are rubbing against your pillow case causing friction which causes more breakage. Begin wearing your hair in protective styles at night as well as sleeping with a silk pillow case, or bonnet

Massage your edges throughout the day and before you go to sleep to stimulate hair growth.

Remember you can never have too many fruits or vegetables in your diet!


When will it be your turn?

Hello again world, we meet again.

Hope you guys have been well and behaved yourselves.

So much has happened, so little has changed. What I have learned is: ¬†I prefer being condor to everything in this life and would prefer that being reciprocated. My love language is acts of service, I read the book 5 love languages by Gary Chapman, a friend of mine asked me what is my love language so I went and read and afterwards did the quiz. ¬†So apparently, my love language is acts of service. So in the Love language proficiency levels, in acts of service I am a five, meaning a native speaker, ¬†to quality time:a four meaning able¬†¬†to use the language fluently and accurately on all levels pertinent to professional needs. And my least is level zero, and this language is physical touch; this means I have¬†no practical speaking proficiency and¬†No practical reading proficiency.Just means it’s my physical touch as a love language is like my knowledge of the Slovak language….No Idea! ¬†So my question is what is your love language? Let me know.

So what does that have to do with the title of this post, one is that when my friend, Lydia, suggested the title¬†and¬†¬†two, it means we as humans have a tendency to want to be compliant, to be part of the group, to feel part of, to follow the flock. We follow trends, fashion, we simply follow the pack. Like birds in a flock or sheep in a pasture, we follow — sometimes at our own peril…….or to stardom. ¬†So basically, what ¬†I want to talk about is that we tend not to realize we need something until we see someone else with it and we tend to think what fits the other will fit me mentality.

If you are an avid follower of my post , I might have mentioned a friend of mine getting married to her over ten years boyfriend, my ‘it’ couple, so progress report is that they got married. The wedding was amazing!! And on another grand event in my life, my big brother, my one and only big brother got married. And what I noticed is that, at all wedding receptions, all single people were being asked ” when will ¬†it be your turn?” “you are next!” Next is so and so..” some people even started looking at their girlfriends a little differently and savings increased. Do we see this trend? you attend a wedding to notice that marriage exists. We see a friend getting a haircut and we remember we need a haircut too. A friend braids their hair and ALAS! I have to do my hair.Or have you taken a friend shopping and you find yourself buying more than the friend you accompanied……It happens. You are not alone.

So why are people conformists,my  explanation is that our brains get confused between what it sees and what others tell us.Conformism means the tendency to adopt the attitudes, behavior, dress, etc, of the group to which one belongs. basically looking like this:    


In my head it just means fitting in.Not that I am against fitting it but i am of the idea, let me start from here:

There are 12 million millionaires in the world, but only¬†2,325 billionaires.That’s an exclusive club, of which the likes of Warren Buffett, Jack Ma, and Oprah Winfrey are members.¬†

That is what gets me going,being the top few. The selected few. the cream, the cherry on top. There is this type of people who¬†get up, go to work, come home, make dinner, watch their TV shows and then go to sleep to get ready for the next day.They’re such a hard worker and they live such a stressful life. Looking at all the great people that God used in the Bible they were not the one of the majority they were the selected few. Selected few in a sense that the has character that withstood time. David was¬† tall, strong, handsome.These are the sorts of things we first see when we look at someone too as they are easy to see. Some people might look for a handsome face, others for good grooming or good dress sense but while these things have some value in themselves, they are obviously not what God was looking for. God looks at the hearts, and David is called a man after God’s heart.

My point in all this, the road to destruction is wide. Mathew 7;13:¬†“You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. ¬† ¬†

That is all I can say, God created each one of us for a reason and a purpose for a specif time. lets not try to imitate or copy paste what the other is doing and forget ourselves because in the end, we will give a report.

That is all my good people. Hope you are keeping your hair moisturized and healthy.

See you soon.

Get right with God ūüôā



New Waves New Tides


I know it has been¬†a while since you’ve heard¬†from me. ¬†I’ve been thinking about you,¬†wanting for such a long time¬†to reach out. ¬†I just haven’t¬†been quite sure until now, what I was going to say.
You see, I have been somewhat under the radar, having what I often describe cocooning
There¬†has¬†been¬†so¬†much¬†that¬†has¬†been¬†changing¬†for¬†me¬†personally¬†and¬†professionally¬†on¬†a¬†very¬†deep¬†level these past two-three months.¬†¬†The¬†shifts I’ve been experiencing are amazing and won’t trade them for anything. The new responsibilities have or rather are teaching me to re position and elevate my thoughts, ideas and everything else;¬†this level of transformation¬†takes on¬†new immediacy¬†and layers¬†of meaning when it¬†happens to you.
The truth is that I have felt like I have been trekking through the desert these past months, navigating shifting sands, going through an intensive period of introspection, consolidation, expansion and growth.

Whether you are a loyal or long term reader be sure of more information and consistency. As for my personal life/¬†life’s¬†challenges, the¬†major¬†unexpected¬†changes I have¬†been going through, at last,¬†make¬†sense.

In the meanwhile, I just wanted to remind you¬†how much it means to me¬†that we are connected and¬†I am just so excited¬†for you to get to know more about natural hair, how to take care of it, and the healthy over length journey and over all growing and being steward of God’s gifts and talents.

As we move into this Month ( BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! ) August 6th. My message and wish for you is Joel 2: 23,25,26 and 27:

23 So be happy, people of Zion.
    Be joyful in the Lord your God.
He is good and will give you rain.
    He will send the early rains and the late rains as before.
25 “I, the Lord, sent my army against you.
    The swarming locusts and the hopping locusts
    and the destroying locusts and the cutting locusts[a] ate everything you had.
But I will pay you back
    for those years of trouble.
26 Then you will have plenty to eat.
    You will be full.
You will praise the name of the Lord your God.
    He has done wonderful things for you.
My people will never again be ashamed.
27 You will know that I am with Israel.
    You will know that I am the Lord your God.
    There is no other God.
My people will never be ashamed again.‚ÄĚ





Trim Natural Hair

‚ÄúThe time has come to lay that baggage down and leave behind all the struggling and striving. You can be set free as you journey forward into a balanced healthy and rewarding future.‚Ä̬†

‚Äē Sue Augustine, When Your Past Is Hurting Your Present

This also applies  to hair.

You have to get to a time where/when you have to leave behind the split ends, damaged, won’t curl hair. That ¬†hair has to go!!! You need a trim. I am not saying to big chop ( cut a big chunk of hair, but some of us might need to just big chop and start afresh….but hey!not everything is for everyone)

So why do we need a trim? One is that that the ends of out hair are damaged ( read the post:Hair not growing! this is why) so apart from bad ends making the hair not grow, there are others like your hair  lacking shape and movement, breaking,  noticeable split ends, frizzy, the list goes on.

.transitioning split-ends_336x397_14

But there is a solution, there is always a solution to every problem.


To solve this all you need is just sharp scissors.

Let’s take the case that you have just removed you protective style, you have detangled ( please be careful in detangling, remember your hair is weak) and have decided to get rid of the damaged hair. ¬†What I personally do is two strand twist my hair then cut of that part that seems so thin.Hair-Trim

Another methode, that experts recommend, is to blow out your hair using minimum heat so that you are able to see the damages then cut.  hqdefault

There is really no science to trimming, just look where the damage is and cut! and watch what difference it will make. Yes the length might seem short but healthy will always beat length any day.


Benefits of a trim: healthier ends, less breakage: getting rid of the split ends will cause a reduction in hair breakage,

Retain length : getting a trim will help you retain length due to the reduction in hair breakage and split ends. When you have split ends and don’t take care of them, the split travels up the hair shaft and stunts hair growth

Easier Styling :detangling is much easier when your hair is even and can reduce the amount of time and stress in your detangling process

Thicker/Fuller Look ‚Äď If you don‚Äôt get a trim, the split ends will start to taper off and your hair will look thinner


If you need a trim please, trim. Be it in relationships, or hair. No need for excess luggage. In the end ¬†the weight sucks your happiness and your health. Let’s aim for quality relationships, friendships and hair rather than quantity.

Healthy over Lengthy. 

P.S    I would like to appreciate  my friend Lydia so much. We have been through a lot together these past 12 years! ( OH MYYYY 12 YEARS!!!!!) She gives me courage to continue. Thank You Lydia. Tout mon amour.