Blogging: Tips and tricks I’ve learnt in the past few years.

_By Denise Tuyi_

When I first started blogging something I have touched a little bit about the beginning in my blog. Looking back now it was a small leap I took back then which now is a huge step to have gone faith filled to write my heart out. Last week I posted my 100th post on my blog and it feels surreal to even have to talk about this with you.

A little background about how I started blogging is both sentimental and life changing. Naturally I love writing, so when my brother asked me to try out a free website that can make my writing dreams a reality, I was intrigued.

I wrote in a couple of entries but most of the times it lay dormant. I had written Facebook notes, I had written the archaic way of writing i.e. in books and basically read as many likeminded blogs, books, websites and articles I could find. But that wasn’t enough.

Over time, I sought to perfect it every time I logged in the account(s) I created. Granted, it wasn’t easy but in all things I have learnt a few things and changes to make it worthwhile.

I tried to open as many writing blog accounts to diversify my skills after reading articles but to date I have one that is active and other two that lay dormant. It’s a good thing… follow along to get the motive behind it all as I share with you some of the most valuable things I have learned when it comes to good blogging.

This actually comes at a time when several of my friends have over time asked me to share with them some of the tips I’ve learnt and what better way than to create a list I have gained much leverage by following. So here goes:

1. When wanting to start a blog, begin with a passionate mindset.

2. Research if you have to.

3. In that same manner read other blogs of people you admire. Don’t stop there, read as wild as you can to discover where you too can curve a niche with your writing.

4. Once you have discovered your niche, begin honing that skill and seek ways to be creative on it.

5. Write, write, write and write till it becomes second to your nature.

6. Learn the scheduling trick so that when the time comes, you won’t be caught off-guard and will be credible. I find that if you have a regular posting time and a regular day to post gives your readers a chance to anticipate your posts. You can have fun and theme it or just have something that makes it fun.

7. Speaking of fun, make it fun be it posting or the blogs you post have a fun element. If you need music to go with it, by all means do it! FUN is the key to making it work.

8. Most of all, be consistent. I said it in point 6, but this deserves its own point! I can never insist on this much because as have others who became successful, CONSISTENCY IS KEY!

9. Contribute for others and have them contribute on their blogs. This not only helps break the monotony of your work but also helps you go beyond your scope and have other people who you admire give their perspective on your blog.

10. Don’t be too hard on yourself, let it flow! There’s nothing that can top that at all. EVER! Just do you, be you and in ways untold your little steps will lead you somewhere that you never anticipated.

That’s it folks. I hope this has made you smile and inspired you to write more in some way.

✨ Peace. Love. Light. ✨

Don’t you just love how easy and practical the tips are?

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I was taken aback with a woman who’s background mirrored mine but whose career trajectory was years ahead of mine.
Denise is calm bold and helpful only a few people I have met are . She is someone to learn from, to stick to , I saw this right away. Back in 2017 when I followed her on all social media….


And it is a dream come true to do this with her.