Global Leadership Summit 2015 lessons learned

Global Leadership summit

On Thursday and Friday this past week I attended the Global Leadership Summit. I learned a lot and also learned to share. So here are a few of the lessons that I took and working on it’s application in my daily life.

  1. Grit: courage and resolve; strength of character. The grit development demands difficulty, you have to will yourself to task achievement. Overcoming physical challenges is one way, hanging around people who got it is another. ( waking up at 6, exercising, talk to people outside your hangout group….)

2. Who are you trying to impress? Thre is a thing called ‘blind spots”and everyone got it. Those are the things you have no idea exists, maybe its overworking, not talking to people, those around ( peers, family, close friends are the mirror to use in this case)

3.  What is it that moves you and drives you as a leader? What’s your hot white why ?

4. Surround yourself with people who grow youglobal leadership summit

5. People are not looking for performance they are looking for authenticity

6. True creators stay in the game

7. Each leader should ask: how will you change people’s lives?

8. Leaders have forfeited the right to excuses

9. Not all your sons will stay with you. Some people will have to go. Don’t try to hold on to people who are not there for you

10. You cannot sustain the strain of leadership without the hand of God

11. If you want to increase your influence, increase your capacity.

12. How bad you want something determines what you will do to get it.Global Leadership summit

Leaders should create new structures

13. Longevity is the greatest thing you can have for the glory of the Lord.

   14. Following you should hold the promise of life change for those who follow you.

As i examine myself, and try to apply these things one of my friends ( guess she is for keeps as she helps me grow) sent me this few note about starting new habits:

H  Have a Plan.  What is one specific habit you need to develop or eliminate from your life?

A  Add pain or pleasure.  What is the pain or pleasure that will result from this new habits.

B  Build in accountability.

I  Internalize the Truth.  Modify the way in which you think.

T  Try and try again.