Camellias and buddleias of life

Some plants love to be pruned, a good old pruning at that, and others would definitely rather be left alone. The likes of camellias and magnolias don’t like the idea of a prune.

Others like a good beheading, dogwoods for example, grown for it’s colourful bark, should be cut back to within 6-9cm of the ground because new shoots are much better than old ones.

Buddleias also produce it’s best colourful flowers on strong new growth. Snip, snip and snip out the weak or straggly growth completely and then cut back the other stems to within the last two pairs of buds.

Gardening is like our social life.

There was a meme on one of my friends status about : what if life is a video game that some aliens are playing. Well , if that is the case then we are a garden indeed.

In gardening , as I am coming to learn, the soil is very important and in my communication field that makes sense. The environment is very important.

But in this case I want us to see it in the sense of, the soil is you. You the person. How is your heart? How is your health? Are you allowing plants to grow enough to be pruned? Or are you a wild one? Unattended, without nutriment and the pruned has been left to the scotching sun.

Let’s examine our soil to see if we are growing as individuals. Then let’s prune if we need to. New shoots look better than the old ones.

Gardening tips :

Sculptural and architectural plants will dominate in 2019, says Joe Perkins MSDG. ” the continuing rise on popularity of houseplants is being translated from the outside with Exotic-style plants with architectural leaves and stems making bold statements. ” Joe also predicts that we will be seeing more hanging plants in our gardens. Not traditional hanging plants, but plants with foliage, colour and texture which can be used as accessories to pots and planters.

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And to learn how to grow buddleias visit this :

Let me share this picture I took of the passion fruits from my father’s garden. I can’t wait for them to be ripe 😋