Achieving a thick hairline

Have you ever watched the clouds form before the rain falls? It’s a sight to see especially if you live in a hilly place. I have seen the clouds of my  rain forming, I  can clearly see them coming from the top mountain top, its coming from my heart, praise and thanks  to you lord, for all the things you have done…. Jesus did it again        ( Sinach – he did it again, great song people, have a listen)

Moving on swiftly, have you ever seen that pic of Naomi Campbell with her weave shaken and she looks like she has had a shave, no edges whatsoever? i am talking about this pic down below, but before we say oh my God, that looks bad, lets first examine our own hairline or edges.naomi-traction-728

The hairline or edges as you may prefer is the most fragile areas of our hair, they suffer all kinds of mistreatment and manipulation. So one of the best ways to take care of it is to be very careful

If you wear your hair out when sleeping your edges are rubbing against your pillow case causing friction which causes more breakage. Begin wearing your hair in protective styles at night as well as sleeping with a silk pillow case, or bonnet

Massage your edges throughout the day and before you go to sleep to stimulate hair growth.

Remember you can never have too many fruits or vegetables in your diet!