Weaknesses and CVs

A person’s integrity is a matter of the value of his or her word, nothing more and nothing less. If you keep your word for every task, large or small, people will naturally trust you with more complex responsibilities. Responsibility and trust create credibility, which then makes the conditions ripe for leading people  towards achieving common goals.

That above, I, read it today and it made so much sense that it prompted for me to scribble down my two sense thoughts.

A friend of mine, Nicole, is in her final year and she needs an internship. She has an eye for marketing. Just this week she was writing or should I say updating her CV to send to different companies and corporates. Then come that part where you have to indicate your straights and weaknesses.

Most mention that they are good team players,  who are focused on the task and great  communication skills. This I have seen in almost all CVs. I have seen even been told to put that on my CV. But am I a good team player and focused on the task?……No!

Let me explain, I see myself a good team player when we are ahead, winning when everyone is contributing, when each members’ talents and creativity is in use. When that doesn’t happen, I am uncooperative and un-participative.

Let me explain farther and say that  I believe in truthfulness and getting the job done. I am a choleric ( personality type) Please visit this site if you want to learn more about cholerics:  ( https://www.fisheaters.com/quizc.html ) and this sometimes. This in my head, explains everything, but if to you it does not, let me say that i prefer candor and pure honesty.

And as life calls us to many things, let’s go back to those three sentences that I read.  if you keep our word for every task, large or small, people will naturally trust you with more complex responsibility. 

This, to me means promotion. And that our promotion depends on our foundation. If your CV says you are a great great communicator  while you know very well that is far beyond you, how will you grow? You can’t build on sand and expect to have a two story building. What you can do is accept who you are.

Effective  leadership begins with being self-aware. This simply means that you need to work hard to intimately understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Any way, i don’t know what’s sadder, me explaining why I prefer candidness to pleasing people or my attempt to imbue it with meaning.

As we keep on growing, let’s keep updating our CVs with real experience. Volunteering helps a lot by the way, do more volunteering this year and see how far fulfilled you will be.

Check out my previous post on the new year new me syndrome here: 2017 : new year new me syndrome

Let’s aim for real growth.



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