Weaknesses and CVs

A person’s integrity is a matter of the value of his or her word, nothing more and nothing less. If you keep your word for every task, large or small, people will naturally trust you with more complex responsibilities. Responsibility and trust create credibility, which then makes the conditions ripe for leading people  towards achieving common goals.

That above, I, read it today and it made so much sense that it prompted for me to scribble down my two sense thoughts.

A friend of mine, Nicole, is in her final year and she needs an internship. She has an eye for marketing. Just this week she was writing or should I say updating her CV to send to different companies and corporates. Then come that part where you have to indicate your straights and weaknesses.

Most mention that they are good team players,  who are focused on the task and great  communication skills. This I have seen in almost all CVs. I have seen even been told to put that on my CV. But am I a good team player and focused on the task?……No!

Let me explain, I see myself a good team player when we are ahead, winning when everyone is contributing, when each members’ talents and creativity is in use. When that doesn’t happen, I am uncooperative and un-participative.

Let me explain farther and say that  I believe in truthfulness and getting the job done. I am a choleric ( personality type) Please visit this site if you want to learn more about cholerics:  ( https://www.fisheaters.com/quizc.html ) and this sometimes. This in my head, explains everything, but if to you it does not, let me say that i prefer candor and pure honesty.

And as life calls us to many things, let’s go back to those three sentences that I read.  if you keep our word for every task, large or small, people will naturally trust you with more complex responsibility. 

This, to me means promotion. And that our promotion depends on our foundation. If your CV says you are a great great communicator  while you know very well that is far beyond you, how will you grow? You can’t build on sand and expect to have a two story building. What you can do is accept who you are.

Effective  leadership begins with being self-aware. This simply means that you need to work hard to intimately understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Any way, i don’t know what’s sadder, me explaining why I prefer candidness to pleasing people or my attempt to imbue it with meaning.

As we keep on growing, let’s keep updating our CVs with real experience. Volunteering helps a lot by the way, do more volunteering this year and see how far fulfilled you will be.

Check out my previous post on the new year new me syndrome here: 2017 : new year new me syndrome

Let’s aim for real growth.



2017 : new year new me syndrome



It’s a new year, and we are here today.

What have we done to be here? is it because we are the bravest? the strongest? the healthiest ? the smartest? The love of God is amazing isn’t it? His immense love and mercy has brought us this far, even though we are not the best nor the most beautiful. He is omniscient and omnipresent,  so I believe he has a reason for us being here.

 Lamentations 3: 22 and 23 contain some precious promises. Here we learn that God’s mercies and compassion do not fail; they are “new every morning”. Such being the case, we can start each day with the humble, confident assurance that whatever the day may bring, God will be near to help. In the book of Psalms, we find that the writer was in the habit of starting the day with God. We read “Morning by morning, O Lord, You hear my voice; morning by morning I lay my requests before You and wait in expectation” (Psalm 5:3 NIV).

So, my new year started at in a very unique way.:) ( Ask me about it, I might tell you)

And I felt,like many, that NEW YEAR NEW ME……This disease is contagious as much as we  deny it.

We normally hear the usual, “I’m going to start eating healthier and going to the gym more,” line when you ask someone what their New Year’s Resolution is. That’s an awesome goal to have, but if you’re going to be a “new person” this year, there are a lot more important things that you’re going to need to focus on. It’s much more important to start on things that are inside of you.So I come up with my own thing that you can do this few months when you are going through deciding on new year new me theme. Please not that this is in addition to your resolutions.

  1. 1d07f10360a346fb439e71b54019f710Know your personality type.
  2. Focus more on your strengths and personal improvement everday.
  3. Read about emotional intelligence
  4. 31fdfbd57fc955dfc6efd67041142391Do something you’ve never done before. Spend on something worthwhile ( definitely not shoes….think long term here) or should I say” invest”
  5. Leave the whats App, Facebook and other social media groups that you don’t understand the purpose or know only one person. If britain left who are you not to leave groups that don’t benefit you? click-on-exit-in-whatsapp-web
  6. Clean your mail box
  7. Drink more water. It is January and the sun out there is hot hot hot, buy a water bottle, curry water wherever you go.
  8.  Have snacks, healthy snacks.
  9. Learn to say NO
It’s easy to say no when your priorities are in order


Just do it!

10. Start today 

If you want what you never had, do what you’ve never done
This is chart is helpful especially to those of us who fall into the pessimistic group.

And just know that, no matter what you decide to accomplish in the next 360 days to the end of this year,…..

0df872650f30d235b7c43846ca2eda3a you can do it. Go for it.