Beauty, Color and texture of hair

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL!Who is the fairest of them all? This has become a worldwide trend and society has influenced what we view as beauty. According to the images we see on television, magazines, billboards and social media, beauty is equated to height, colour of skin, body shape and size, and texture of hair. Tall, petite, fair skinned and blonde women are viewed as beautiful while curvy, colored, afro head women are viewed as average looking women whose looks actually influence their daily living. In most cases, the former has a wider window of opportunities based on their ‘beauty’ as compared to the latter who have to work their way up as opportunities rarely happen in their favour. This indifference makes women who have not met the ‘standard of beauty’ feel inadequate and this often brings out self-esteem issues and lack of confidence.

When you grow up in a society that dictates that standard of beauty, those viewed as ‘average looking’ find it difficult to make other people take them seriously and so they have to work twice as hard to prove that they have what it takes to get the same opportunities as those considered ‘beautiful’ have. If several opportunities get slammed on your face merely based on how you look, it becomes quite a challenge and feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness often arise. This results in having to keep up appearances by working on the physical self that is acceptable to society through various scientific procedures and enhancements such as lip enhancements, bleaching procedures, breast implants and other known procedures.

Women invest a lot of time and money on their physical beauty and base their worth on how they look and not in their personality. Therefore, they become overwhelmingly affected when they receive one bad comment on how they look. Physical insecurity is a global challenge especially self-esteem issues among women because we are often comparing ourselves to each other, every girl wants to be the prettiest which is why women are always at war with each other. We are so occupied with having to look our best that we really do not work on our inner selves which is the most important thing. When we possess inner beauty then it reflects outwards, I mean we cannot all look like celebrities. The personality is what stands out and a bad character in a beautiful body is ugly.

When we constantly compare ourselves to others, we often lose our sense of self-worth which is precious. Living according to societies’ standards is putting ourselves in a box which can be draining and suffocating. Furthermore, our value is not based on how we look but on the beautiful individuals we are. When we realise this, we stop living up to the expectations laid out for us and we start being content with our physical selves. Beauty fades but the precious and unique aspects which should be worked on every day, lie within us. Let us work on our confidence, dignity and self-acceptance. We are all beautiful in our own unique ways, let us stop keeping up appearances and let us be confident in our bodies, skin colour and ethnicity and so when we compare ourselves with others, we do more harm than good.

Beauty is the opposite of perfection, it is about confidence, charisma and character. Keynote speaker and bestselling author, Steve Maraboli once said “there is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty”. It is a very powerful quote and it inspires me daily, when society has its own set standard of beauty which might be uncomfortable to some especially women of colour, that quote should be an inspiration, the true essence of beauty is being yourself. Never wish yourself away, whatever size, whatever shape, you are beautiful. Never forget that.


P.s. this is a guest post by a friend: Angie GG.( surrounded by greats minds y’áll)