Strong people’s problem

Have you ever been told that you’re the only shoulder to cry on

And wonder when their shoulders will ever carry you ;
That you lift them up when they have fallen down
But where are they when they are straight up;
That you are their back bone
But never stand up for you;
That you’re their right-hand man
But they are never be right with you!
Like a shining star that brightens the nightdownload
But will never see the light of the day.
You know their lowest moment
Wipe there first tear drop
Pamper their scars.

I’ll be your wings whenever your legs  won’t carry you,
I’ll be your protective armor in whatever you’ll go through,
I’ll play the strongest
But I’m dead in the inside.
I’ll swallow my pride to lift your spirit up;
I’ll give you a smile while I’m tormented in the inside
I’ll lend you an ear and listen to you keenly, while my demons that are slowly killing me;
My cry would only be heard by my bedroom walls and my tears dried by the pillow
I’ll have the best moments but can’t enjoy them alone
But I hang on hoping and wishing it will be better tomorrow,
And finally realize that I need you as much as you need me.


5 thoughts on “Strong people’s problem

  1. Hhmm this one is sad… even the strong need a shoulder to cry on. don’t be afraid to show it. there’s no shame in admitting weakness.


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